Saturday, October 3, 2009


It was total darkness. The air was humid and the smell of blood was pungent. I heard nothing but sounds of pain and agony. Children and women were mourning for the death of their loved ones. Some were shouting, calling for mercy, but subside as they were silenced by slashes of poisoned claws and deadly sword-like stings. I felt the pressure in my right leg, though a little numb, the pain still found its way to arouse my sensation. This has been my problem, numbness can never overcome my strong senses. I staggered in pain, pain that is four or five times worse than other creatures would feel. "With a gift comes a curse." I told myself, bitterly.

Suddenly came Juno, general of the Elite Fourth Wing. He sat beside me, ready to kill anyone who will attempt to touch my weakening body which is slowly dying because of poison.

"This man is really a strong. A warrior... A leader..." I whispered to myself, feeling deep admiration.

He grabbed my shoulder with his strong arms and I feel the passion and tenderness overpowering his valiance. He looked into my eyes.

"I am wounded." I said, trying to compose myself.

No words, he pulled a piece of cloth from behind him. Closed his eyes, murmured a prayer and tied my wounded leg. Tears almost flew from my eyes as the sensation of pain arise. But surprisingly, in a matter of wink, the pain was gone. Juno really got a powerful magic. He smiled. I smiled back, relieved.

"No need to worry. You'll not die. The power of Dezem consumes the poison."

He tapped my chest and once more looked into my eyes with all sincerity and passion. It was different. I felt frozen and an electrifying sensation slowly crawled into my bones penetrating my heart and soul. I was motionless, carried away by the puzzling emotion. Suddenly I was flying with nymphs in paradise!

In a moment I was awaken. A digrut shoot from behind me with its poisoned claw, having superb gift of senses, I dodged and blocked it with my shield as Juno strikes his knife with freezing spell. In a second, he pulled his sword beheading the motionless creature.

"Nuxiu, you must go to safety." His words are full of concern.

"But what about you and the rest of our tribe? The Second Wing was almost eliminated. I cannot afford to be in safety knowing that I might be the lone survivor."

"We will win."

"But how? Untrained citizens are being killed. Warriors are having difficulty in dodging the digruts! How will we win?"

"Amu will sacrifice. The council already gave him the permission. By the moment he arrives, this battle will be over."

"What! A...a...a...amu?" Tears fell from my eyes.

He held my hands, looking into my eyes with tenderness, he wiped the tears and passionately pushed his face towards mine. Until we can almost breathe each other's breath. Until only a tiny space of air separates our lips. Until we are almost one.

"Nuxiu, I love you."

I was mesmerized. I never expected him to say those words! But I have no time to think about it. I was already consumed by the thought that Amu, my mentor will be dead. I cannot accept it. I cannot.

"Now, go!" Juno shouted as a bunch of digruts was approaching.

He pushed me towards the escape way. His nobble eyes caught me. I cannot speak a word or even oppose. He left me with no choice but to obey. I run away with tears falling. Amu... my teacher can never die. I run away.

Saturday, February 21, 2009


Nakaunat lang ako sa kama at hindi gumagalaw. Kanina ko pang pinipilit na matulog pero ayaw talagang pumikit ng mga mata ko. Nakakainis! Andami ko pang gagawin bukas pero hanggang ngayon ay mulat pa rin ako! Gusto nang matulog ng isip ko pero ayaw sumunod ng katawan ko.

"Haaaay... Ano ba yan! Parang tanga naman!"

"Eh ba't kasi ayaw mo pang matlog? "

"Gusto ko noh!

"Kanina ka pang nakahiga ah! Eh di matulog ka na."

"Gago! Sana lang ganun kadali diba! Hindi ako makatulog! Gets mo?"

"Bahala ka nga sa buhay mo! Bahala ka bukas..."

Napangiti ako, kinakausap ko na naman ang sarili ko. May magagawa ba ako? Palagay ko, ang nangyayari sa akin ngayon ay ang madalas na sinasabi ng mga taong hindi makatulog kapag gabi. Insomya! May insomya ako! Naku paano yan ehh di hindi ako makakatulog? Siguradong lalaki ang eyebags ko at mamamayat ako! Hindi rin ako makakapag-fokus sa mga dapat kong gawin kasi siguradong aantukin ako. Ano kayang dapat kong gawin? Punta ko sa doktor bukas... Oo yun na lang! Hihingi ako ng pampatulog. Hehehe!

Nakahiga lang ako habang nakadilat ang mga mata sa kisame ng kwarto. Humikab... Antok na talaga ako! Kaso bakit ba hindi ako makatulog? Patuloy ang paglangoy ng iba't ibang ideya sa aking isip.

Hangang sa hindi ko namalayan, nakatulog na pala ako.